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    The digital revolution has been and gone but what is it and what should our response be?

    A Digital Landscape

    The revolution came about because of enormous changes in communication, computing power and storage. These have changed the way people, processes and technology interact and we now live in a world that communicates, operates and behaves in new ways. For example, grandparents calling their Australian grandchildren over Skype, accessing the news over social media, or hailing a taxi via Uber. Life and culture functions within a changed landscape.

    Revealing Solutions

    Organisations are now developing digital strategies. We believe these can most easily be understood as the developments in both strategy and operations that technology can enable.


    Opportunities are often unforeseen but there to be taken. They can transform how you achieve your mission, while at the same time positively impacting operations and your stakeholder relationships.


    We partner with organisations with a cause, to help them understand these changes, identify the new opportunities and realise them in small, low-risk, incremental steps.


    People tell us that these changes are daunting and so our aim is to work with you to break them down; enabling you to pursue your cause more effectively and more efficiently. We would love the opportunity to explore these changes and help you develop a response.

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    Leadership Empowerment

    Leadership Empowerment

    Coffee Conversations


    Want to survey the Digital Landscape and how it can benefit your organisation’s cause? Coffee is on us! Get in touch with us here and we can arrange it.


    Digital Demystification


    We can meet with you as an individual or as a leadership team to explore the changes and implications the Digital Revolution has brought and begin to explore the opportunities for your organisation: always seeking to increase impact and make the most of your resources. In order to get to the blue-sky transformation, bite-sized steps come first.


    Digital is technology but is also a mindset. A change in organisational culture is a key component in Digital Transformation, requiring new behaviours and operating methods to be adopted. We explore these with you.


    Digi-Leader’s Coaching

    Empowering Leaders of Transformation


    Today, Digital needs to underpin your strategy, it is crucial that an organisation going on the journey of transformation has the CEO heading up Digital. Research of Digitally Mature Organisations concluded that leadership and management were indispensable in achieving transformation. We provide a coaching service that allows you to maximise the existing trust of your employees and stakeholders; inspiring them along the way to operate within the new landscape.

    Strategy Development

    Strategy Development

    Strategy and digital are now closely related and some talk of de-emphasising the word digital and focusing on the transformation that technology can enable. Others feel transformation is too scary and talk of digital maturity.


    However you see it, we bring our knowledge of digital technology and culture; strategic planning; financial management & risk analysis and work with you to assess where you are now, where you would like to be and how to get there - in bite-sized steps


    The digital revolution has also made possible previously un-envisioned strategies - these can be truly transformative and we can help you develop these too.


    • Digital Library
    • Agile Business Planning
    • Design Sprints and Service Design
    • Strategy Hacks





    Building Capacity

    Building Capacity

    Small and medium sized organisations often do not have the time, let alone the in-house expertise to pursue digital organisational strategies - we can use our extensive experience to support and supplement the capacity of your existing team.


    • Project Management: Agile & Lean Processes
    • Digital Literacy Skills
    • Social Media - alongside training - social media audit
    • Tool-based Training
    • Digital Behaviours Coaching - practising stakeholder centricity
    • Continual Learning Eco-systems
    • Creative Coaching - Innovation
    Realising Strategy

    Realising Strategy

    Many strategies can fail in execution because staff have to do the day job and take on a major project - often the project then suffers delays and problems. We can provide more detailed support to ensure you deliver projects.


    • Agile & Lean Processes
    • Digital Marketing Strategy: Deeper Supporter Relationship in 6 Key Steps
    • Tool-based Training
    • Trialling Tools


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    St Peter's College - The Diocese of Sheffield


    PlanLab really helped us bring our labyrinth of thoughts and ideas into reality, by encouraging us to simplify and focus on our business planning and strategic thinking. They have been an invaluable support in the whole process and contributed to our project launching on time and in budget!



    PlanLab ran a Strategy Hack to help identify possible new ways to achieve our mission, particularly from a digital perspective. It was inspiring to get a fresh set of ideas from new supporters and useful to have PlanLab’s insight into how these could further develop. It definitely demonstrated the potential of what can be achieved alongside supporters and with a digital mindset.


    Paul Robinson (CEO)

    Joanne Edwards - In-house Training Manager, Mango


    Although I have been in meetings previously where digital strategy has been discussed, I have never really understood it until now.


    Lizzie laid out a clear process to help us approach our strategic planning, as a charity. This process was a useful way to ensure that our focus is always on the real needs of the beneficiary, and that we can provide the solutions to their needs in a constructive, iterative way. Strategic planning requires the right questions to be asked, in order to find the answers and Lizzie provided the route map in order for this to be achieved.


    Vicky Thompson (Chair of Trustees)

  • Meet Us

    The faces behind PlanLab/

    Lizzie Telfer

    Director & Founder

    Since 2011, Lizzie has been working with charities to develop strategies, improve processes and has been involved in the management of digital products. She is a certified Agile Project Manager and enjoys tailoring Agile processes to bespoke needs and projects. She specialises in digital marketing strategy, innovation cultures and user experience, design thinking and coaching and mentoring.

    Pete Ewins

    Director & Founder

    Following a career in venture capital Pete has spent over 15 years working with not for profits in senior roles; responsible for functions, such as, Finance, HR and IT. He specialises in strategic planning, interim management, organisational development, internal audit, project management, governance, coaching and mentoring, restructuring and change initiatives. He currently fulfils a role as Treasurer and Trustee for a non-profit.

    Michael Wirth - Advisor

    PlanLab Advisor

    PlanLab is honoured to be advised by Michael Wirth, as we develop our business in the best interest of our clients.


    Michael is a global eCommerce, payments and travel distribution expert of over 20 years. He's got a successful track record of bringing world-class structure and high-performance to high-growth, entrepreneurial environments and a proven ability to unearth operational and product opportunities for commercial benefit. He's customer-focused with meticulous attention to detail, and delivers to the highest global standards

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