• How we can work with you

    We are management consultants and problem solvers, offering solutions in four areas

    360 Strategy

    Planning in Today's

    Digital Landscape

    Annual planning, longer-term plans and problem solving using the new tools and methods of the digital age. We do the financials as well.

    Strategy Implementation

    Making it Happen

    A plan is one thing but realising it is another. Our skills in management, project management and organisational development can help you to realise your plans whether they are

    bite-sized or blue sky.

    Stakeholder Experience

    People Centric

    Stakeholder expectations now change frequently and rapidly and people expect to shape your output. Our tools can help you keep up with these changes and be more effective.

    Cost Management


    Digital offers real potential for reducing costs whilst improving your service, data quality and accuracy. We help you to review and streamline processes both within and across teams, identifying where technology and training can add value.

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    Strategy and Management in the Digital Landscape

    We believe your organisation has a key role to play but it doesn't exist in a vacuum. It exists in the digital landscape - a context in which we all live, work and play. We call this the strategic context.


    Technology has influenced our behaviours, mindsets, and the expectations of stakeholders whether they are supporters, beneficiaries or those who work in your charity. This new landscape brings with it opportunities and challenges that we can take advantage of with digital innovation.


    At PlanLab we believe that you can no longer separate strategy and management from digital and that is why we are about ‘strategy and management in a digital landscape’: helping your organisation to develop and grow in the current context.


    Our mission is to give you insight into the digital landscape and help you develop plans to take advantage of the opportunities. We can provide you with the tools, methods and approaches to develop and implement these plans, helping you innovate.

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