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AI for Charity: 7 Questions to Consider

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Have you considered using AI (Artificial Intelligence) for your charity? Some charities already are for many reasons, such as improving services, translation and research. It's a useful tool, one which is being adopted more as time goes on. Gartner says that many corporates are introducing AI strategies as 2017 closes and makes the case that if businesses aren't, then it is worth considering their value and asking why they are not. Whether you are sure it is necessary or not, in your charity context, it may prove a useful strategic exercise, to ask how could AI help our social impact?

Questions to Ask and Thinking Triggers

1. What would we use it for? Triggers - operational improvement, supporter relations or solving a problem that your beneficiaries are facing.

2. How could it help people donate? Triggers - philanthropy advice, the velocity of giving, accessibility, target new supporters.

3. How could it improve the supporter experience? Triggers - improve interaction, provide guidance, personalise, automate.

4. What aren't your beneficiaries receiving currently? Triggers - information, networks, autonomy, opportunity.

5. How are your supporters and beneficiaries hurt by the absence of AI? Triggers - delays, lack of knowledge and information, lack of opportunity, poor service.

6. How could it improve your service delivery? Triggers - operational collaboration, cost cutting, knowledge generation, administration, process speed.

7. Could it develop organisational transparency? Triggers - data processing, information sharing, communication.

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