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Let us Solve a Problem for You - Access a Free Charity Strategy Hack

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Got a sticky problem? Maybe you and your team haven't got the space to figure it out while managing the day to day business of your organisation? We can step in while you change the world on a daily basis.

By using our extensive organisational experience and up to date tools of design thinking and structured creativity, we can create workable solutions to your challenges. We run Strategy Hack Meetups, where a network of socially conscious, creative, professional and digital natives gather to solve charity/social enterprise challenges. We are giving a Strategy Hack away for free to one organisation and you can enter the draw, below.

What are the Benefits of a Strategy Hack?
  1. Our hackers have a range of skills and strengths, many working in a variety of roles and sectors that enables them to bring diverse solutions to the table
  2. A potential new cohort of supporters - our hackers may be convicted about your cause as they work on your challenge
  3. External viewpoints and perspectives on your problem 
  4. Our hackers are digital natives - aware of where the world is and where it is going; contributing to keeping your organisation relevant to the external environment
  5. New solutions to increase your impact to beneficiaries and end users
  6. Innovation - opportunity to bring new ideas into your organisation that can help you build your impact 
  7. We do the leg work and it saves you time to manage the daily tasks of your organisation
  8. Opportunity to turn ideas into viable prototypes
  9. User feedback - sometimes organisations use a Strategy Hack to build upon current ideas or plans. Our hackers provide feedback, while they work on your solutions
  10. Involving our hackers in solving your challenges allows socially minded individuals to give back to your cause in additional ways. Allowing them to collaborate is another way to build positive supporter relationships.
  11. The solutions that come out of the our Strategy Hacks can be further developed. PlanLab can offer Agile Project Management or Agile Product Development to empower this to happen.

Sound useful? Enter the draw here - it literally takes 1 minute!

We will reveal the winner by October 1st 2017.

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