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Digital News for the Third Sector: November

PlanLab Insight Bulletin

· Management,Supporter Relations,Digital News

This month, we have collected together some of the latest digital news for your functions. Be sure to check out the management section, as we found quite a few useful articles for your charity leadership.

Supporter Relations

Contactless giving competes with street donations

You may have just brought in text giving but are your collection boxes contactless? This article highlights how missing out on contactless capability may cost you.


Agriculture robots improving farming around the world, or are they?

We advocate digital technology for helping improve processes and your cause, however, if it isn't managed properly or with the best intentions for stakeholders, then controversy can loom. This article discusses how corporations are improving farming around the world with AI. However, the structures and strategy do raise big questions.


How to plan your comms for #GivingTuesday

As the generosity season kicks in, get your charity or social enterprise celebrating the holiday, #GivingTuesday, on 28th November. Here are a few tips for making the most of it.


Crowdfunding has more benefits than raising money

Have you thought about how crowdfunding can raise your profile, engage more people and benefit your organisation in more ways than the financial? Here are some more reasons to convince you about crowdfunding. Reading this article may convince you about attending the workshop mentioned above in Supporter Relations.

What is digital demystification?

Our latest Planlab podcast asks what digital demystification is and why the third sector needs it.

Business book of the year

We often talk about digital demystification; well if you want to delve a bit deeper and explore the ethical side of digital monopolies, this book is for you. Longlisted by McKinsey and the FT for the Book of the Year Award, Move Fast and Break Things could expand your digital awareness.

What's next for digital social innovation (DSI)?

Keep up to date with the conversation around digital social innovation. NESTA, the innovation foundation ran a day in May exploring this. They have popped the live stream up on YouTube. Issues discussed include; building capacity for DSI in the third sector, funding, investment and business models for DSI and emerging approaches to DSI.

Do you want your not-for-profit to be digitally transformed?

One of our recent blogs looked at three initial steps to initiate an organisation wide digital strategy. This is where to start with all of your functions, not just marketing and communications.


Tech for good: SnapType

Helping kids with disabilities to do their homework. Let this case study inspire your ideas for innovating on your mission.

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