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  • Strategy and Management

    How we can work with you

    PlanLab: How we can help

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  • 360 Strategy

    We can help move your organisation from A-B

    360 Strategy: Strategy and Planning

    Strategy and Planning

    Where you want to go

    Working with you to facilitate and develop your annual and longer-term plans. Our tools include up to date methods, risk analysis and metric setting. We like to bring out what is distinctive about you and your impact.

    360 Strategy: Problem Solving



    Got a Sticky Problem?

    Using our extensive organisational experience and the up to date tools of 'hacking' and 'design thinking' to create workable solutions.

    360 Strategy: Financial Planning

    Financial Planning

    Constructive: Robust: Flexible

    We bring a 'can do' approach to developing the 'financials', so that your plans are robust and have the right degree of detail and flexibility. We work with you to test sensitivity and risk and develop scenario plans.

    360 Strategy: Digital Transformation

    Digital Transformation

    Fit for Innovation

    People, systems and culture are important in creating the right environment for Digital Innovation to flourish. We can help you identify the areas for growth and development in your organisation.

  • Strategy Implementation

    Helping you turn your plans into reality

    Strategy Implementation: Organisational Design



    Ready for the Future

    The design of your organisation needs to be fit for purpose and evolve to match current plans. This might cover; people, culture, processes, structure or decision making. We can help you review your current organisation.

    Strategy Implementation: Project Management



    On Time and in Budget

    Management rarely have the time to focus on a project resulting in delays and overruns. We can provide management support using Agile techniques to lower risk and minimise cost.

    Strategy Implementation: Interim Management



    Standing in the Breach

    We can provide interim management across a number of roles. This can be to cover vacancies or meet temporary increases in workload. We bring strong inter-personal skills and a strategic and constructive approach.

    Strategy Implementation: Change Management



    Improving Capability

    Organisations need to evolve and this sometimes involves step changes. Our understanding of strategy, people and experience of change management processes means we can work with you to get from A-B.

  • Stakeholder Experience

    Growing and deepening engagement

    Stakeholder Experience: Digital Marketing Strategy


    Marketing Strategy

    Targeted Action

    Just using social media isn't enough without a comprehensive plan and a test & learn approach to your digital marketing. We can facilitate the shaping of your strategy, helping you to build relationships that are genuine and of value.

    Stakeholder Experience: Supporter Experience



    Deeper Engagement

    Engaging supporters requires a tailored journey and opportunities for them to collaborate with your cause. We can help you to achieve a best practice journey for your supporters, covering user experience (UX), communication points and content.

    Stakeholder Experience: User Experience

    User/Beneficiary Experience

    Deeper Impact

    Technology offers opportunities to meet needs in new and more effective ways, improving the experience at the same time. Our approach to structured creativity can help you improve your solutions - improving your impact.

    Stakeholder Experience: Agile Product Development


    Product Development

    Iterative Creativity

    In this rapidly changing world, it is important to user test ideas and prototypes. You need to be adaptable in shaping products and services. We can help you adapt existing products to digital or create new ones, ensuring that user buy-in happens from the very start.

  • Cost Management

    Helping you to become better stewards

    Cost Management: Understand Your Costs


    Your Costs

    A Clearer Picture

    It is important to see the link between what you do, the decisions you take and the costs they generate. We can help you

    to take a fresh look at your management information, improving it's presentation and achieving a better understanding

    of your costs.

    Cost Management: Contribution Analysis



    What is Most Important?

    Once you know what activities generate what costs you can assess their contribution to your impact. Some will be more critical than others. We can help you and your team carry out a structured assessment using the right amount of data analysis.

    Cost Management: Releasing Resources



    Thinking Outside the Box

    Innovation in the way you do things can reduce the costs of those activities which you really need to do. Using the up to date tools of 'hacking' and 'design thinking', together with our extensive organisational experience, we help you to identify cost reductions.

    Cost Management: Transparency & Impact


    & Impact

    Demonstrating Value

    Today, donors increasingly look to understand what you achieve for the money you spend. This sits alongside their emotional response to your cause. PlanLab can help you to review your impact measures and costs, ensuring they are clearly communicated.

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