• Cost Management

    Helping you to become better stewards

    Understand Costs Service


    Your Costs

    A Clearer Picture

    It is important to see the link between what you do, the decisions you take and the costs they generate. We can help you

    to take a fresh look at your management information, improving it's presentation and achieving a better understanding

    of your costs.

    Contribution Analysis Service



    What is Most Important?

    Once you know what activities generate what costs you can assess their contribution to your impact. Some will be more critical than others. We can help you and your team carry out a structured assessment using the right amount of data analysis.

    Releasing Resources Service



    Thinking Outside the Box

    Innovation in the way you do things can reduce the costs of those activities which you really need to do. Using the up to date tools of 'hacking' and 'design thinking', together with our extensive organisational experience, we help you to identify cost reductions.

    Streamlining Processes Service



    Efficient and Effective

    Digital developments are now so frequent that process reviews are an important part of stewardship, not a nice to have. We lead your team and software suppliers, through a series of workshops. The aim is to look at what you do, how you do it, what your stakeholders value, and what technology

    can offer.

    Transparency and Impact Service


    & Impact

    Demonstrating Value

    Today, donors increasingly look to understand what you achieve for the money you spend. This sits alongside their emotional response to your cause. PlanLab can help you to review your impact measures and costs, ensuring they are clearly communicated.

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