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    "As we came to our annual planning process we had a number of key questions to consider. PlanLab led the Board through a '3 year strategy in 5 hours' workshop, which the Board found very helpful. PlanLab were then able to follow through by preparing a long-term financial plan, identifying all the key issues and including scenario and sensitivity testing."


    Tim Bissett - Director

    Milton Keynes Hospital Charity


    “Lizzie helped me to start developing our next three year strategy, using the Business Model Canvas. I was able to reflect on my current strategy, pick out themes, as well as lay out the beginnings of the next phase. I found the tool and process tremendously useful. I would highly recommend Lizzie if you’re starting to write or review your charity strategy – she knew exactly the questions and prompts to get me started.”


    Vanessa Holmes - Head of Fundraising



    St Peter's College The Diocese of Sheffield


    "PlanLab really helped us bring our labyrinth of thoughts and ideas into reality, by encouraging us to simplify and focus on our business planning and strategic thinking. They have been an invaluable support in the whole process and contributed to our project launching on time and in budget!"


    St Peter's Leadership Team


    "Planlab worked with me on my social enterprise's business model, growth model and finances. Every step of the way, they supported, encouraged and explained things. Even tackling the tough elements of the business, we had fun and I learnt so much about my business. Now I'm working with my new management team to grow areas of the business that before, I was abit scared to look at! My work with PlanLab has made a truly positive impact on my business."


    Ruth Rogers - Founder & Owner


    "Although I have been in meetings previously where digital strategy has been discussed, I have never really understood it until now."


    Joanne Edwards - In-house Training Manager


    "Near Neighbours wanted to attract a new and younger group of supporters. PlanLab led a very useful workshop to help us think through the type of people who might support us, what they would be looking for and how best to start and build a relationship with them. They then led 2 structured creativity workshops with external people. These generated ideas for supporter related products and tested ideas which we had been developing internally. The input and feedback was very helpful."


    Jeremy Aspinall - Director of Fundraising & Communications


    "Lizzie laid out a clear process to help us approach our strategic planning, as a charity. This process was a useful way to ensure that our focus is always on the real needs of the beneficiary and that we can provide the solutions to their needs in a constructive, iterative way. Strategic planning requires the right questions to be asked, in order to find the answers and Lizzie provided the route map in order for this to be achieved."


    Vicky Thompson - Chair of Trustees


    "PlanLab led a Digital Demystification workshop for our team. This enabled everyone to develop an understanding of what the digital revolution is really about. Importantly, there was time for the team to talk about digital opportunities, it's challenges and cost and value for money. It has helped to get a common understanding amongst the team and it was good for me to be part of the discussion, rather than facilitating it."


    Alan Butler - CEO


    "PlanLab ran a Strategy Hack to help identify possible new ways to achieve our mission, particularly from a digital perspective. It was inspiring to get a fresh set of ideas from new supporters and useful to have PlanLab’s insight into how these could further develop. It definitely demonstrated the potential of what can be achieved alongside supporters and with a digital mindset."


    Paul Robinson - CEO

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