• Strategy Implementation

    Action your plans in 3 months

  • How Coaching Works

    Helping you put your plans into action


    3 Month Commitment

    Once new plans and decisions have been made, actioning them requires the right process. We can coach you through an implementation process that allows you to see tangible action develop in 3 months time.


    90 Minute


    Coaching starts with a scoping session with PlanLab Directors, Lizzie and Pete. We will assess the goals to set, appropriate tools to use for your context and the 3 month project plan.


    Coaching Package

    Over the 3 month Strategy Implementation period, you will have:

    • Two 60 min Zoom Calls per month
    • Clear Goals for each month
    • Agile Process - a bespoke process that allows you to test and learn as you implement your strategic plans
    • PlanLab's Summer Roundtables - 2 discounted tickets (more info during April 2020).
  • Need to Form Strategy First?

    Head to our Strategy Development Coaching

  • "PlanLab have been an invaluable support in the whole process and contributed to our project launching on time and in budget!"

    Leadership Team - St Peters College Diocese of Sheffield

  • Discovery Session

    Want to discuss how coaching can be tailor made to your needs, drop us a message and we can book a free call with you.

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